Afrique Créative, in a few words

Afrique Créative is an acceleration programme financed by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and implemented by a consortium led by the Belgian non-profit organization Africalia with I&P Conseil from the group Investisseurs et Partenaires (I&P) (a pioneering group in impact investment in Africa), Zhu Culture (a cultural engineering consultancy based in Senegal) and Bayimba Foundation (a cultural production structure based in Uganda).

This programme aims to support African cultural and creative businesses in their development to maximise their impact locally, nationally, and internationally.

In September 2019, the first call for applications led to the selection of nine entrepreneurs from the four programme countries (Burkina Faso, Morocco, Uganda, and Senegal).

For this second edition, the call for applications is open to 9 countries: Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Morocco, and Tunisia. This second edition will also rely on the expertise of local Entrepreneurship Support Structures (ESS) to support the acceleration of cultural and creative enterprises in their country.

Transmit A Legacy To Future Generations

Langages du Sud and Crossroads Digital Multimedia promote Morocco’s and Uganda’s rich historical, artistic, and socio-cultural heritage in order to pass it on to new generations. To that aim, they make use of an innovative didactic format: the animated series.

  • Langages du Sud will launch the Lina and Adam TV show, inspired by its children’s book collection.
  • Crossroads is producing the dynamic Mukago TV show.
African cultural and creative businesses

Cultural entrepreneurial businesses

Create new opportunities for the music industry professionals

ANYA and FEZAH share a mission to promote and provide opportunities for music industry players in Morocco, Uganda, and Africa in general. Both companies however use different tools to achieve their goals.

  • ANYA provides advice to artists, organizes large-scale events, and publishes anthologies.
  • FEZAH provides artists with a digital monitoring and booking service.

Enhance Burkina Faso’s cultural capital

The two Burkinabè structures, Sébastien Bazemo and Kaala, have at the very core of their project the promotion, through quality production, of Burkinabè raw materials. Their aim is to transcend, on a national and international scale, all preconceptions.

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Morocco’s and Uganda’s rich historical, artistic, and socio-cultural heritage

Creative entrepreneurs

Celebrating Heritage Month With FutureProofSA Across Nations and Their Different Flavours Of Entrepreneurship!

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