Zibuza and FutureproofSA collaboration!

FutureproofSA has collaborated with Zibuza to find some inspirational women to share who they are and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Our first proud innovation icon in our Women Shaping Businesses Futures collaboration is, Adele Mooi.

Who is Adele?

She is a proud 70-year young lady, who is passionate about early childhood development. She has a track record of managing Little People Pre-school since its establishment in 1985. She has 2 sons, Malcolm and Jonathan. She was born and raised in Johannesburg and attended the local school in the community.

She has the vision to align early childhood development with school readiness as a basis for lifelong learning. Her mission is to support and contribute towards the universalization of Early Childhood, with training programmes so that she can create a community of better practice..

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Our second proud innovation icon in our Women Shaping Businesses Futures collaboration is Odetty Thapelo Sebone.

Who is Odetty Thapelo Sebone?

Odetty Thapelo Sebone is 31 years old, the firstborn and a twin in her family. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a graduate certificate in education. She is passionate about technology-enhanced teaching and learning (ICT). She teaches Mathematics, Coding and Robotics, and Technology in primary school. She is a leader in various stakeholders: ICT co-ordinator in the Mankweng circuit, ICT chairperson at school, and ICT champion in Capricorn South district. Her achievement includes a newspaper published on Sunday World, being Zibuza teacher of July and being a mentor. She has a National Teaching Award winner Capricorn South district and currently waiting for provisional results.  She is a YALI-RLC Young African Leadership Initiative- Regional Leadership Centre aluminae of online Cohort 2018 training 2023. She is also the founder of Basal Academy, which offers basic mathematical literacy on Saturdays, special school holidays and public holidays in primary schools to mitigate the learning losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She volunteers for church services Jesus Glad Tidings International church.  Odetty is also a proud mother of three beautiful children.

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Our third proud innovation icon in our Women Shaping Businesses Futures collaboration is Mokhudu Machaba.

Who is Mokhudu Machaba?

She is a proud woman who has her own business called Mokhudu Creations which is a South African company dedicated to providing educational resources to learners and teachers. Her goal is to make learning technology easier for you, as our future develops into an era of the internet, technology, and artificial intelligence.

In 2016 she received a special Ministerial award for introducing e-learning to Quintile 2 Rural School by the former Minister of Public Administration in the Centre for Public Innovation Sector. The awarded funds were used to install interactive whiteboards in her school’s classrooms.

We asked her the following questions and these were her responses:

1. Why do you believe that entrepreneurship is an important skill to learn?

Mokhudu believes Entrepreneurial skill is core in every aspect of life because it prepares students for the real life that they will be faced with improving the economy of the world.

2. What is the hardest lesson you have learnt?

Mokhudu’s hardest lesson she had to learn was when she had to do everything on her own to empower herself.

3. What inspired you to start your own business and did you do this while teaching?

Mokhudu wants to leave a legacy for her children, therefore they should not start from scratch like she did.

4. How did you maintain a healthy work-life balance while running a business?

Mokhudu still struggles with this to this day due to the demands of her work. But that does not stop here as she constantly works hard to achieve.

5. What did you want to be when you were younger? And do you think that affects what you are doing now?

When Mokhudu was younger she wanted to be a  farmer or office administrator. But this did not have an effect on what she is doing now as she believes that  destiny has pushed her into what she is doing today

6. How do you stay motivated and resilient in the face of setbacks?

Mokhudu has practised the skill of motivation for a long time and she has learned ways of motivating herself as she is her biggest fan, and that is what keeps her going.

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