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Becoming comfortable with the unknown is no longer a privilege of choice but a necessity. As we leap into our FutureNOW, agility and clarity of self is vital to ensure our abundant tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to start over again; you may like your new story better. These are skills necessary not just for the kids of today and the superheroes of tomorrow but for parents to understand their own world and the one that they need to prepare for both as parents and guardians and as active members of society.


Join Lisa Illingworth, CEO and co-founder of FutureProof and John Sanei, a Knowledge Mercenary who travels the globe to uncover the lessons needed to uplift communities and help humanity thrive, for a free 45 min webinar on Thursday the 16th of July at 10am.

John’s unlimited fascination with the future has seen him become Africa’s first faculty member at Singularity University in San Francisco, a lecturer at Duke Corporate Education in Johannesburg, and a Partner Associate at the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies in Denmark. Join the FutureProof team hosting John to better prepare yourself and your kids for the uncertainty that is inevitable!


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  • 2020-07-16 10:00 SAST   -   10:45 SAST
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