Welcome to your Are You an Entrepreneur?

1. I strive to make things better and am willing to take action on it
2. I have the ability to create unlikely partnerships between people
3. I often see opportunities to earn money when other people see a problem or a frustration
4. I take action to solve problems for myself and others
5. I like to set my own goals and I motivate myself towards those goals
6. I like to understand how things work and try and apply them in other ways that what they were meant for
7. It’s more important to make myself proud than to make my teachers or parents proud
8. I enjoy trying out new skills even though I might not be good at them at first
9. I can see how problems can be solved before other people can
10. I have fun when I am testing something that I have made myself
11. When there are ways to improve a system or a way of doing something, I like to try fix it and it sometimes gets me into trouble
12. I am able to tell other people about my ideas and get them to see the value of them