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When I make plans, I am certain I can make them work
One of my problems is that I cannot get down to work when I should.
If I can't do a job the first time, I keep trying until I can.
When I set important goals for myself, I rarely achieve them.
I avoid facing difficulties.
If something looks to complicated, I will not even bother to try it.
When I have something unpleasant to do, I stick to it until I finish it.
When I decide to do something, I go right to work on it.
When trying to learn something new, I soon give up if I am not initially successful.
When unexpected problem occur, I don't handle them well.
I avoid trying to learn new things when they look too difficult for me.
Failure just makes me try harder.
I am a self-reliant person.
I give up easily.
I do not seem to be capable of dealing with most problems that come up in life.
It is difficult for me to make new friends.
If I see someone i'd like to meet, I go to that person instead of waiting for him or her to come to me.
I do not handle myself well in social gatherings.
I have acquired my friends through my personal abilities at making friends.
When I'm trying to become friends with someone who is uninterested at first, I don't give up easily.