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Tebang Ntsasa aka Cyborg

I am an award-winning youth skills development advocate armed with Strategy Development, Business Development Support, Project Management and Administration, Consulting, Stakeholder Engagement, and in-school Entrepreneurship Skill.

I have over nine years of work experience working in education, non-profit organization, and corporate social investment.

As a business development consultant, I have consulted more than 50 companies, designing, developing, and implementing sustainable skills development programmes within the corporate social investment environment.

The corporate social investment and in-school entrepreneurship space provides the opportunity to solve youth skill development programmes at grass root levels whilst creating a meaningful and sustainable partnership that aims to develop shared models for all the stakeholders involved.

Talent Chikukwa aka Mystique

On a quest to dominate the world by creating the change she wants to live, Talentia believes that entrepreneurship is the answer to the question “What does the future hold?”. The future is waiting for a world full of entrepreneurs and with the right mind-set, anyone can be an entrepreneur.

Talent “Mystique” is a shapeshifter who can quickly adjust to change like nothing ever happened. Her greatest gift is the ability to empathise, which is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another. she strongly believes that when one starts to develop their powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens to them. This is an important core value that can complement the unlearning and relearning cycle in the entrepreneurial journey. Moreover, she’s young, a fast learner, and can relate with most young people who are keen to learn about entrepreneurship and are aspiring change-makers.


Talentia is an entrepreneur and Digital marketing specialist skilled in Strategic Communications, Media Exposure and all other marketing related topics. She is experienced in educational and behavioural change programs, social innovation and leadership development programmes.

Talentia loves teaching, entrepreneurial thinking, digital marketing, business, dogs, cycling, reading, writing, community building projects, art is everywhere and everywhere is Art, Music-The true beauty of music is that it connects people.

Talent is a young and colourful upcoming world change maker and entrepreneur who has an attitude of positive expectations which always uplifts those around her.

Talents Mission and Vision is:

“Connect, Create meaning, Make a difference, Matter, Be missed….”

Dr Joseph Strange

Joseph is an experienced and professional Coach. He has skills in many areas of business, teaching, training, and running businesses, which he has gained through almost thirty years of experience opening his own businesses and working for brands such as Sweets from Heaven, Steers, KFC and Fresh Stop.

Joseph’s skill is understanding and getting best results which is derived by observing, hearing, listening, (yes there is a difference), and then collaborating to get the happiest result for everyone involved.

Joseph currently works in the education sector doing such things as managing operations, teaching entrepreneurship at schools, website administration and development, CRM administration amin and development, LMS administration and development. He is always curious and hungry for knowledge so you will often find him learning and researching in his spare time.

Joseph is a fun-loving dog dad who loves Helping, Being with friends, Yoga, Martial Arts, Crosswords and word games, and just being.

Josephs Mission and Vision is:

“be honest, caring and authentic, leave everything better off than when you found it, help all to realise their best, most purposeful and meaning full selves…”

Angela Kgasago aka Wonderwoman

I Angela am “Wonder Woman” who hails from the south of Johannesburg exhibit several traits held by women brave enough to disrupt the status quo. 

As Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator Angela has gained experience in Outreach response to emergency welfare issues

Project managed the entrepreneurship development program targeting youth between 18 – 35 years to assist in the Kick Starting of their businesses since 2004 – 2012. South African Breweries launched its Kick Start programme in 1995 as a poverty alleviation programme but it has subsequently become a platform to stimulate sustainable enterprise development

Participated in the Department of State United States of America’s Professional Fellows Program from 12 April 2013 – 12 May 2013 hosted by Michigan State University in partnership with Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and Dar es Salaam. The program provides targeted professional development and support to emerging leaders working in the fields of Economic Empowerment, Legislative Process and Governance, and Media.


Here are ways she displays her Wonder Woman strength to disrupt the wrongs that ail the world, industry, and even our daily lives: has a superhuman strength and the agility to inspire fellow women, boys and girls to believe in themselves; dig deep for hidden passion and power of positivity; have a no regret attitude and encourage others to use their failures as steppingstones.   

I believe in the power of love and value so much so that I see my family as my core; broken out of cultural norms and living my truth respectfully! Enjoying the sisterhood and support for others as a Social Enterprise Developer for our businesses in communities; be part of making history and prove the people wrong by number of businesses you have impacted positively; enjoy coaching and facilitation, going to church, movies, cooking and baking, outdoor sport, and games.

Angela’s Mission and Vision

“To be part of the change I want to see; lift others as I grow and always reflect; open to learning and enjoy a healthy competition by heart and believe in working and winning in teams…”

“Possess the competence to embrace the unknown and if I sound like I am gushing over you, I am because you deserve it”……..”Entrepreneurship is a state of mind


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