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Pattern Recognition Will Make Kids Better Entrepreneurs | FutureProof

The lack of predictable behaviour is the foundational breeding ground for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The link to entrepreneurship may not be obvious because many things in the chaotic world of a start-up are not obvious as is the nature of business and making sense of opportunities.

Top 8 Business Ideas For Children | FutureProof

The underlying factor of any successful business is to always solve a problem. Businesses for children need not be any less complicated or simplistic from that of an adult entrepreneur. Give your child the opportunity to architect their own future by encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and action.

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360 Biz – Free vs Freedom

360 Biz – Free vs Freedom

Are we free as business people or citizens… or are we captured by Capitalism? Most African countries were colonised by pushing business interests, thus they are still captured to date. We are now officially in recession (is that not part of capture?) – hence we are...

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Futureproofing The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs

Futureproofing The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs

This article was originally published on the Entrepreneur Magazine: https://www.entrepreneurmag.co.za/entrepreneur-today/futureproofing-the-next-generation-of-entrepreneurs/ Futureproofing The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs Futureproof – a business built on purpose....

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Using experienced entrepreneurs as coaches and community young adults to overcome the barriers to learning, we activate entrepreneurial thinking and action. We not only teach the skills needed to start and run a business but we build the behavioural competencies which provide a strong foundation for success.

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