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Creating the next generation of entrepreneurs

That’s why we exist. Futureproof is an award-winning team founded by entrepreneurs that believe that entrepreneurship is the way kids and teens are going to create         their place in the world and it doesn’t need to start only when they leave school.

Through face-to-face programs, the online platform, and a whole heap of competitions and webinars budding entrepreneurs can test out their ideas and get mentorship from our coaches who have all started businesses.


We teach entrepreneurship to kids and teens using programs offered both online and in face-to-face sessions. All the programs are based on an academically solid foundation that teaches and measures skills rather than knowledge. We don’t want entrepreneurs that know the textbook on business, we want to develop kids and teens that can apply the skills in practical situations. Have a look at our youth entrepreneurship programs below for a course for parents, teachers, kids, and teens.

At FutureproofSA, we believe in saving the world one entrepreneur at a time. Are you ready to take the next step towards building a successful future? Choose your province, tell us how you heard about FutureproofSA, and let us know if you’d like us to contact you. Join our community of driven individuals and unlock your potential today!

Our PrograMs

We have used our experience and knowledge to offer the best programs
for entrepreneurial individuals to be successful and enhance their skills.


For Aspiring Entrepreneurs: 12 Module Online Program

The 12 module program is a rigorous and exciting program that equips teenagers and young adults with all the skills needed to enter the world armed with entrepreneurship. The program covers a step by step approach from coming up with an idea, creating a minimal viable product, finding a customer and generating an income. The program is offered both online and through schools and local community groups.

From R1175.00 per learner

For Kids: FutureProofOnline

Kids from as young as 5 years old can begin learning about the world of entrepreneurship. In a fun, gamified platform, kids can engage with concepts and characters that not only teach them the necessary skills but also set an example of how to put those into practice. With age-appropriate levels and practical activities, kids can enjoy learning online so much so that they forget that they are learning.



For Schools: Full Curriculums

Based on a behavioural outcomes model, the FutureProof Entrepreneurship Curriculum is designed to be academically credible and implementable within schools. This has been successfully achieved in over 30 schools around South Africa and the carefully managed approach does not disrupt teaching time and does not add an additional burden to staff. Materials, training and resources aid schools to build bespoke entrepreneurship programs to suit their syllabus and calendar and train educators

From R900.00 monthly per learner 


Introduction to Entrepreneurship Boot Camps

Covering all the necessary outcomes for entrepreneurship, the introduction boot camps are run either during 4 allocated lessons of 45 minutes or over a weekend and gives kids and teens an experience of how to start and plan a business. The boot camps are held on the school premises and include tools and templates that can be used for assessment purposes, if required. The modules are delivered through simulation activities and lead by a team of experienced, passionate entrepreneurs.


From R500.00 per learner

Benefits of our programmes

Real world education with immediate application. We are passionate about what we do and empowering our children.

Economic Transformation

We equip all children with the ability not to accept their current opportunities as their only opportunities and to also create a positive economic transformation for generations to come.

Coaching and Mentorship

A team of experienced and successful entrepreneurial coaches and mentors to offer guidance, leadership and encouragement to assist each child in being successful.


Proven Methodologies

We educate young children from the age 6 years to be entrepreneurially active using proven methodologies of entrepreneurial education from around the world.





Practical Guidelines

Workshops & coaching with a 360° approach for parents & teachers. To help & support the entrepreneurial child, giving practical guidelines in creating an enterprising environment.


The Challenges that we Face:


The young adults in the 21st century is entering a working world equipped with knowledge and skills that are irrelevant for the workplace. This coupled with a reduction in employment opportunities creates an increasingly hostile environment for new graduates to find work.


FutureproofSA equips kids with the ability not to accept their current opportunities as their only opportunities and create economic transformation.


Even in the current CAPS curriculum, there is a token time allocation to entrepreneurship but there are very few teachers who have started their own businesses and are unable to effectively teach the mindset and the skills necessary.


FutureproofSA harnesses active entrepreneurs to teach lessons and provide mentorship.


The education system used in South Africa today is modeled on the industrial age where the economies of the day required production line workers that did not need the skills of agility, critical thinking and creative problem-solving. The classroom of today does not teach these skills or embed this behaviour.


FutureproofSA educates young people from the age of 9 to be entrepreneurially active using proven methodologies of entrepreneurial education from around the world.


Although there may be a desire to equip kids with the skills of entrepreneurship, many teachers and parents feel under-equipped to do so and don’t even know where to start, particularly when they aren’t entrepreneurs themselves.


FutureproofSA provides holistic workshops and coaching with a 360° approach for parents and teachers. Our vision is to help, support and nurture the entrepreneurial child, giving practical guidelines on how to create an enterprising environment both at home and in the classroom.


What others say about us.

Miguel Naude



Miguel was 14 years old and lived in Gauteng when he first joined FutureproofSA. He attended one of the first programs that was conducted when he was 11 years old.

Miguel’s first business with 2 of his friends stopped after a while but he persisted with FutureproofSA because he wanted to make a difference in the lives of his peers and kids his age.

Miguel consulted with FutureproofSA while he was figuring out what his next problem was to solve. He joins in on the programs to give feedback on how FutureproofSA can improve on the concepts and delivery of the program to increase the impact on the kids that come through the programs.

“Entrepreneurship is more than starting a business. It’s a way of changing your own life and other people’s lives by creating employment…”

Sarah-Jane Boden



Sarah-Jane is an entrepreneur and has 2 young boys whom she wanted to see learn formally about entrepreneurship and asked FutureproofSA to run a private Biz Club in the afternoons at her company’s office, SoulProviders.

Sarah-Jane had this to say about the program:

“The feedback from the SoulProviders kids after one session was absolutely amazing – they’re so excited and enthused – their parents are delighted to see their kids feeling this way – this is how kids should feel about education in 2019. Instead of being held up to old-fashioned ways of critiquing their skills or personalities – with a goal to move them all into being quiet and listening and fitting an average in the middle, even being told to test them or put them on medication to quieten them, they are encouraged to bring their whole selves, as they are, to the table – best idea ever. Thanks so much! My hope is renewed.”

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