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Liquid gold

My name is Megan Azmanov, I’m 14 and I’m in grade 8 and I also love listening to music and playing sports. I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world whether it’s big or small, and I believe I have found a way to address global goal number 12. (responsible consumption of food and food waste).

The problem is 1,3 billion tons of food is wasted every year which is approximately $680 billion worth of food. But I’ve got a solution! My solution is a completely natural product that uses wasted food and turns it into a liquid solution which benefits your plants. This liquid makes your plants grow healthier, stronger, faster and supplies them with more nutrients. 

This process does not let out any greenhouse gases which make its totally eco-friendly where on the other hand burning wasted food does. Together we can solve the problem of wasted food, and put it to better use, and our plants benefit from this whole process.



Progress through sport

I’m Espen Koko. I’m 17, a Dutch-South African, only child, athlete and introvert. I’m an average academic student and pride myself in sports, personal fitness and as daring as it sounds, I have been riding bikes on the road since I got my learners at 16, to and back from school everyday. I’ve got family in Netherlands and South Africa and growing up in Midrand I had the opportunity to attended Kyalami Prep and I am currently in Beaulieu college taking 8 subjects.

Furthermore, I participate in 5 different types of sport on top of everything being athletics, tennis, squash, rugby, and swimming. And unlike most emerging entrepreneurs, got the opportunity to attempt starting my business through a competition known as the Beaulieu SME challenge.

I’ve always been an outdoor type of person spending that time either honing my skills in calisthenics, sports or entirely nothing at all. I’ve recently come up with a business idea to improve to situation of lost and found with in schools and/or small items such as keys and mobile devices and intend to follow it through. This device will eliminate the cost of replacing lost school items and reduce the already heavy burden on parents every year.



I am Daniel Mathabe but my stage name is Poppin Dan. I’m well known as a dancer but at my core I am a philosopher, writer, filmmaker and artist, I’ve always been fascinated by the meaning of life, what the true nature of life is, what it means to be human and how to deal with it all.

My greatest inspiration is Bruce Lee because he learned and taught what the meaning of life meant for him through the art of martial art and my vision is to inspire and educate dancers and regular people the same way he did but through the art of dance combined with my skills of filmmaking and philosophy.

I believe everything about the human life is an art because it all needs to be taught, the role of the dancer is no different than the role of the comedian, lawyer, musician, doctor, farmer and scientist, they all play a valuable role in the human experience and I think art is an underrated, misunderstood genre even by many of the people who create art themselves, dance is a language that has been around sins the beginning of human history, in every form art there is an attempt to transmute the conscious experience of the absurd and chaotic into something pleasure able, earnest, playful or Interesting. In every experience of Art we are reminded of how foolish we are but how joyful we can be, a change of perspective over your life situations and a reminder to not take life too seriously.



My name is Krista Matsila, and I am a grade 10 high school student who is passionate about the things I do and the things I dream of achieving. I am in love with theatre, psychology and engineering; and I am in love with the way the world works, why it works, and how it works.

Since I can remember, I’ve dreamt of making a difference in any way, even if it was a small way. I have always found strong support from my family, my friends and recently, I found support in FutureProof’s entrepreneurship program, and they have all encouraged me to take the steps I need to try and make my dreams a reality.

This is exactly what I am trying to do now and I would like to tell you a bit about an application I hope to develop someday. Asihambeni is an app that allows students and parents to communicate with school transports, track their location and benefit from knowing when their transports will be arriving at their schools or homes. Parents are even able to see when their child enters one of their transport vehicles, and track their progress as they travel.

Asihambeni aims to eliminate uncertainty that comes with not knowing when transports will arrive, and possibly increase productivity in, for example, students that would rather spend their time working on homework or talking to friends than waiting for their transports’ unknown time of arrival.

With Asihambeni, students will be able to do other things and meet the transport exactly when they arrive; and parents will be able to make other plans and predict their child’s exact time of arrival, eliminating the time wasted waiting. I hope to develop this app some day and with the support I am receiving, I can see that dream becoming a reality. If you would like to help and support Asihambeni on this journey get in contact using the form below.

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